Party Animal Dog Food Recall


A recent pet food recall has been announced for Party Animal dog food. The items in question are their Beef & Turkey and Chicken & Beef dog food (in 13oz cans) labeled under their Cocolicious brand name. The beef has a best by date of July 2019 and the chicken is August 2019. The products were claimed by some customers to have tested positive for pentobarbital when brought to a lab for testing. When Pentobarbital is used in high doses it can induce death. But in this recall it is not known actually how high these levels were. The pet food company has requested the test results from this lab. The food had been manufactured and distributed in 2015. 

One of the great things about Life's Abundance pet food is that it is made in smaller batches so that it does not sit on store shelves for years. So in this particular example your dog could have been eating food that was close to two years old.


For more information, refer to the FDA page for recalls.