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Party Animal Dog Food Recall


A recent pet food recall has been announced for Party Animal dog food. The items in question are their Beef & Turkey and Chicken & Beef dog food (in 13oz cans) labeled under their Cocolicious brand name. The beef has a best by date of July 2019… more »

Yet Another Pet Food Recall

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If you buy store bought pet food, be careful. Another voluntary pet food recall but it could affect YOU or your family and not just your pets. Possible Salmonella contamination. more »

Feline’s Pride Issues Nationwide Recall Due to Salmonella Contamination

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On July 1st a press release was posted by Feline’s Pride cat food announcing a voluntary recall of: Feline’s Pride Raw food with ground bone for cats and kittens Natural Chicken Formula Net Wt. 2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg., 40 oz.)produced on 6/10/10… more »

Better Business Bureau issues warning about Dynamic Pet Products' Real Ham Bone for Dogs

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Based on a number of consumer complaints that dogs became seriously ill or died from internal damage due to bone fragments, the Better Business Bureau issued a statement cautioning pet owners about feeding Dynamic Products' Real Ham Bone for Dogs to thei… more »

Nature's Variety Pet Food Voluntarily Recalls

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Yet another pet food recall. If you have any of these products please return it to your local retailer immediately, then purchase your pet food and treats from a company that's never been part of any Life's Abundance! Nature’s Variety h… more »

Possible Dog Treat Contamination

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On January 14th, the FDA issued a health alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares. A dog treat packaged and distributed by Merrick Pet Care. Merrick Pet Care initiated a voluntary withdrawal of 72 cases of 10 oz. Beef Filet Squares from the market on Januar… more »