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Dog Carries His Own Bag of Dog Food


While walking around the neighborhood looking at the damage from Hurricane Harvey, Tiele Dockens got a surprise when she saw Otis carrying a big bag of dog food in his mouth. Otis, who is a golden retreiver mix, had his photo go viral quickly with many… more »

Digestive Health Products for Our Pets

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Our exclusive Life's Abundance pet food formulas contain multiple types of direct fed microbials, all of which are guaranteed to be viable after cooking so they can take up “residence” in the GALT. Each and every ingredient selected for a Life’s Abundance food is chosen to support all of the important bodily structures and functions. That’s why Life's Abundance is so proud that we have featured health-promoting direct fed microbials in Life’s Abundance Premium Health Foods for years, well ahead of competing foods. more »

New Pet Food Calculator

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If you are unsure as to which size bag of Life's Abundance dry pet food to order, it is easy with the online Pet Food Calculator. Now you can instantly determine the most cost-effective and convenient Life's Abundance dog food or cat food autoship order… more »

New Pet Food Gift Certificates!

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Now you can give the gift of health any time of the year with Trilogy and HealthyPetNet pet food gift certificates (which can be purchased in any amount from $5.00 up to $500.00)! It is so easy to order a gift certificate for pet food and treats. Jus… more »